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In this age of faux "freedom of information" and the private corporate dictation of news and their ownership of main stream media, reliable sources of unbiased news are hard to find. There are many lesseor know sources of news that do not get the attention they deserve and there are very large news corporations that get too much attention. There are very few news aggregation websites that consolidate as many news sources as we do in such a user friendly format and we plan on providing our content free of charge for as long as we can and your donations will greatly help us accomplish this.

Technology is constantly changing, about as much as the news changes and we strive to keep our technology up to date, optimized and user friendly. This takes time and money and being an independant company built on a boot strap budget, we do not rely on any corporate sponsership to support our day to day operations. So we need user support.

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Your donations help us continue our efforts to provide the public with a source of consolidated news and the tools to easily compare and evaluate the news and it's source. Every dollar donated helps in our effort to provide new and improved technologies, products and services to the public.

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