Who Are We

Mashedmedias.com is an independent online news aggregator. We provide content from various sources across multiple media platforms, including foreign and domestic television, radio, newspapers and web sources. Our online tools allow users to search, filter, compare and rate both news content and sources as well as share and save articles of interest.



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Participate in polls covering a wide range of topics including many topics not discussed by the mainstream.

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Our Mission

Mashed Medias' goal is to provide an unbiased source for news from multiple media platforms, while providing exposure to lesser know news sources. We strive to seamlessly provide users with tools to compare, comment on and rate news content and determine the accuracy of the news source.

With people's distrust in the media at an all time high and there being little to no trust in the mainstream media to report the news fully, accurately or fairly, Mashedmedias.com provides a venue for users to read, research and determine the validity of the news for themselves.